Desi Gods Iconography by Pastelwand Studios
Here is the series of icons on Indian Gods is a collaboration with SCD Balaji of Atma Studios, under the hashtag #DesiGodIcons 
In India, a country of innumerable Gods, we worship almost everything, from a tree to a cow. The intention is to bow down to every being with a humble heart and be grateful to them. The motive of this project is to document as many Indian Hindu gods as possible.
Parvati is the Hindu Goddess of fertility, love, marriage, beauty, children, divine strength and power and she is the wife of Hindu God Shiva. She is one among the Trinity of Hindu Goddesses.
Radha is worshipped as the Hindu Goddess of love, compassion and devotion. She is the eternal consort of Lord Krishna and resides with him in their abode Vrindavana.
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