Every couple encounters a beautiful moment of life when they become parents. 
With the love and blessings of your loved ones, start this wonderful adventure with this contemporary baby shower invitation.
All the way curated from Pastelwand invites!
Double Side Printed Card + Envelope
Single Side Printed Card + Envelope
Bi Folding Card ( Portrait ) + Envelope
Easel Standee
Baby Shower - Odisha Pattachitra Invite
Size: A5 ( Single side printed card)
Price: Rs. 25/- Per Card + Rs. 20/- Per Cover
Size: A5 ( Single card printed on both sides)
Price: Rs. 50/- Per Card + Rs. 20/- Per Cover
Size: A5 ( Bi Folding Card - 4 pages)
Price: Rs. 100/- Per Card + Rs. 20/- Per Cover
Quality: Card 300 GSM + Cover 175 GSM
Finish: Glossy / Matte Lamination
>>Minimum 100 Cards
>>Name, Date, Time and Venue texts are replaced
>>No visual enhancement / modifications
>>Shipping Charges based on Location & Quantity.​​​​​​
Price of an E-invite is Rs. 1500/ - ( For single event - 1 Jpeg only)
Deliverable Image format:
Image Size - 608px X 1080px
Image Resolution - 100 dpi
The size of the E-invite can be customised,
E-invite will be delivered to you within 24hrs,
once you provide the Names, Date, Time and Venue of the Event.
Thank you!

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